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Through August 31st: Pottery Plus Sale

Save 30% on all pottery plus select accessories:

*All ceramic, concrete, and Guy Wolff pottery

* All trellises, arbors, and plant stands

* All concrete and metal benches

* All concrete and ceramic fountains


In Progress Now: Clearance Section

Find some amazing deals in our clearance plants area! Hurry in before they're gone!




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Design Notes

There are many ways to improve the look and appeal of your yard - one simple way is to add a stone feature. Our new custom stone benches will give you the WOW factor that you're looking for! We have several styles available in stock...click here to view some of the stone benches available at Iowa Outdoor Products.

Another way to improve the appeal of your yard is to add a fire feature. Our stone fire pits continue to be popular this year, and we've added another unique option this year - copper fire pits! These beautiful copper fire pits are available in 2 sizes, and we also have a coordinating firewood kettle available. Stop in and see these beautiful new fire features before they're gone!

And remember, don't hesitate to contact our design staff if you need some expert advice on your landscape this year! Click here to contact us today...


copper firepit



Retail Notes

We're now in the midst of another Iowa summer, but that doesn't mean the gardening season comes to a halt! In fact, it is very important to keep a closer eye on your plant material during these hotter, drier days to be sure they are receiving enough moisture. Remember, the general rule of thumb for most plants is that they receive 1" of moisture per week. A good way to check soil moisture is to dig down a couple of inches into the soil with your finger. Wet/moist soil is good, whereas dry, crumbling soil means it's time to water! Feel free to give us a call regarding any specific watering or plant care questions. We love to help!

Here at our garden center, we are busy fertilizing and doing daily checks for Japanese Beetles. These annoying pests can quickly devastate your shrubs or trees, so be sure to check frequently for these guys, and destroy them on sight! For more info on these and other insects showing up in our gardens, check out our facebook page.