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Paver & Stone Restoration And Sealing


Iowa Outdoor Products is excited to announce our newest maintenance service to protect and add value to your landscape investment. Iowa Outdoor Products will restore, repair, resand, clean, and seal concrete pavers, clay brick and natural stone walkways, driveways and patios.

The key to a long lasting paver, brick and natural stone surface is proper maintenance. Whether your patio was installed last year or 10 years ago, we will remove dirt, natural contaminants, weeds, moss and stains to restore the surface to like-new, maintaining your hardscape investment.

We offer the following services as a complete package or individually for each customer’s needs:

Restoration and repairs

Cleaning with environmentally friendly shampoo

Joint re-sanding


Wet Look Sealer - gives surface a high gloss finish

Satin Finish Sealer - gives surface a matte finish

Natural Finish Sealer - gives surface a clear finish

Iowa Outdoor Products will repair and restore your paver or natural stone surface from all the outdoor elements. Over time, your surface will shift and settle, becoming loose and possibly unstable. Our professional installation team will perform all necessary steps in resetting, releveling, regluing and replacing your frost heaved edging to make your surface look and feel new again.

Iowa Outdoor Products' cleaning team removes penetrated, ground-in dirt, moss, weeds and stains from the surface of clay brick, concrete pavers and natural stone with our environmentally friendly cleaning products. This step restores the original vibrant color of your surface. Our product line is not harmful to plants, grass or pets. Power washers are used to wash off all cleaning products after it is applied. This cleaning procedure is performed before any sealing is done except if it is a new brick, paver or natural stone surface. If the surface is new, we can simply do a quick wash then apply the sealer of your choice.

Iowa Outdoor Products' professional sealing team offers three different finishes: the wet look, the satin look, and the natural look. All of the sealers, when applied, will give your surface a stain resistant finish, an enhanced resistant to UV rays, bring out the color of your surface's natural beauty, and help to keep the corrosive effects of de-icing salt to a minimum.

Iowa Outdoor Products offers many services to guide or provide in maintaining your hardscape investments. Please contact us to further discuss your hardscape maintenance needs or to receive a free estimate.